Denka Astec Co., Ltd.

Corporate Information

Corporate History

Denka Company Limited
Housing construction materials business
Nakagawa Techno
1947 Established Nakagawa Kinzoku Kogyosho
1955 Started manufacturing metal rain gutters
1958 Toyo Kagaku Released the industry's first PVC rain gutters
1969 Acquired land for a factory in Kasai, Hyogo Prefecture, and started operation of Kasai Plant in 1970
1975 Consolidated all manufacturing operations into Kasai Plant Released stainless steel rain gutters
1998 Transferred business to Nakagawa Techno and became a manufacturer of metal rain gutters, 80% owned by Toyo Kagaku (now Denka Company Limited)
2000 Obtained ISO9001 certification
2003 Merger between Denki Kagaku Kogyo and Toyo Kagaku
2015 Denki Kagaku Kogyo changed its name to Denka Company Limited Became a manufacturer of metal rain gutters, 100% owned by Denka Company Limited
Apr, 2021 Established Denka Astec by merging the Housing Materials Department of Denka Company Limited and Nakagawa Techno